The First Step

FREE Lasik Screening

Finding out more about the unique details of your eyes and your refractive error is your first step toward being closer to living your best life with your Personal Best Vision.  This is accomplished by scheduling a FREE LASIK SCREENING at Collom & Carney Eye Institute with our Refractive Coordinator Gayla Bohn.  She is a Certified Ophthalmic Assistant (C.O.A.), and has been working with Dr. Northam for 13+ years.  At this visit she will check your vision, perform a corneal topography and evaluate your refractive error.  She will also answer any questions you may have concerning the procedure and go over any financial questions (financing options, cash discounts, flexible spending accounts, etc…) you may have.  All eyes have some level of higher order aberrations so chances are, you have the potential to see better with Advanced CustomVue Laser and will probably be a great candidate. Of course, a very comprehensive dilated laser evaluation with Dr. Northam before the procedure will be necessary to determine if the procedure is actually a perfect match for your eyes.

Call to schedule your FREE LASIK Screening (903) 614-3937   OR  click the button below to request a FREE LASIK Screening and have our refractive coordinator contact you.